Friday, January 30, 2009

New, Patented Worm Gear Technology!!!

My name is David C. Bingham, I am a gear engineer and have patented a revolutionary worm gear application that is sure to change the way worm gears are used. I have a Patent (# 5,431,606) for a back-driveable worm gear assembly that can be used in many applications such as a fishing reel assembly, rear axle, and prosthetic devices just to name a few. Please find the link to my patent below:,431,606%22&OS=%225,431,606%22&RS=%225,431,606%22

Please visit my website at

Also, please visit my video on You Tube, I explain my gearing in a short, 3 minute video.

Here are 20 facts about my worm gear assembly:

1. This patented gear set and all gears mechanically create torque and work, but my gear set creates more.

2. This is a two gear right angle drive epicylic output sun gear set.

3. Previous to this gear patent, gear sets were made from 6 to 8 gears, an annulus gear, an output sun gear, a ring gear, and 2 to 4 pinion gears, bearings, thrust washers, and an output shaft powered by the sun gear. My patented gear has eliminated these excess parts.

4. This patented gear set consists of only two gears because the two gears are mounted in series and there actually is a third element but it is not physically there since it is invisible. This invisible element is the linear span which is the distance between the axis centers of the two gears, acting as a torque lever arm.

5. The gear set is unique in many aspects and one of them is from the way it is mounted in series: 1. Two gear teeth are always engaged and making contact with each other, 2. Three gear teeth are always engaged and this develops a triangulated tooth contact pattern, and 3. A triangle is the strongest geometric shape known to man and this is locking in the gear pattern and creates additional strength.

6. This is a constant mesh gear set and only one gear, the input drive worm gear, is fixed or locked in position.

7. The output gear, the worm wheel, is mounted in bearings. Since all bearings have clearance in them, this allows for the development of the worm wheel gear that is not rigidly fixed in location. The worm wheel gear has a floating mount position that is developed. Physics dynamically indexes the two gears to develop the most efficient point of tangency between the gear teeth on both the gears.

8. The lubricant in the two gears cannot be the hydrocarbon based lube used in hypoid gearing, but it needs to be a semi permanent lube that is non washing. There are several standard lubes available as off the shelf items such as extreme pressure lubes that that may be a derivative of Silicone and/or Teflon and maybe even be Kevlar.

9. These two gears are so positioned through their mounting pattern that they work very well with: 1. Inertia and inertial transfer, 2. Angular Speed, and 3. Centripetal Force. Because it works very effectively and efficiently, 98%+ efficient dynamically, with these three mechanical functions; this helps these two gears work in many mechanical devices.

10. This is the only known gear set to the increases efficiency going from 94% efficiency statically to over 98%+ efficiency dynamically.

11. This gear set is built efficiently with less labor and time needed for OEM build and maintenance service down the road.

12. The work created by both gears comes from the ratio relationship of the number of teeth on both gears and 360 degrees of angular surface contact.

13. Since the gear teeth on both gears when meshing are not sliding as do hypoid gears this reduces noise, vibration, and heat and increases reliability.

14. This is the first gear set in history to develop 3600 of angular surface contact and allows much more work to be developed from increased angular surface contact.

15. There is no dry start allowed to ever to occur as the input worm gear is constantly immersed in lube. This eliminates one of the worst failure causes, a dry start!!

16. Most gears lose efficiency when changing directional rotation when going from clockwise to counterclockwise rotation. These gears have no efficiency loss when going from counter clockwise rotation to clockwise rotation and vice versa. There is no drop in efficiency when changing directional rotation changes. Inertial transfer is developed without going through the zero moment with a pause or efficiency loss.

17. The gearing functions cannot develop a witness mark pattern as the point of tangency is controlled by the first law of physics: Force = Mass x Acceleration.

18. There is only one simple adjustment. Check the OEM build and verify the torque. Check output from the gear set with a torque meter and adjust the position of both gears if needed.

19. This is the first gear set in history to increase both torque and work outputs from the initial mechanical inputs.

20. Many engineering advancements are costly for the engineering changes and these gears are inverse to that. The engineering costs are decreased from the engineering changes and advances.

I would like to hear from any and all interested parties in dealing with my patented gearing assembly.

My contact information is below:

Superior Gear
3150 Honey Bee Lane
Oxford, MI 48370
(248)236-0852 - office
(586) 291-2515 - cell


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